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Building the Good Economy.
“Doing good” is in bad shape.
Every year, Americans are giving less and less to charity.
Most of us say we want to do good, but only 1 in 4 people actually volunteer.
In fact, fewer Americans are engaging in their community by volunteering and giving than at any time in the past two decades.

We know doing good is good for us.
Aside from the direct impact it has on others, it also reduces our own stress, anxiety, & depression while improving our overall health, happiness, & sense of purpose.

So, then, shouldn’t we do more of it? Samarity thinks so.
Our Vision.
To build the Good Economy – one that rewards individuals, communities, nonprofits, and brands working together to make the world a better place.
What we do.
Reward people for doing good with awesome prizes, giveaways, offers, and discounts.
Help nonprofits engage supporters in exciting ways that unlock new resources for their causes.
Work with brands to align them with the causes their customers care about most.
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Join our movement and become a Samaritan today.

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