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Do Good Better.

Samarity partners with companies to turn your impact into donations for your favorite causes… and rewards for you.

Do Good.
do good
Make an impact with one of our charity partners by showing up and helping out at their events. Make sure to scan the QR code on-site to verify your activity.
Earn Points.
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With every event you join, you'll earn Samarity points, like credit card rewards points — for good! 1 Point = $ Donated to Charity & Rewards For You.
Get Rewards.
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More points. More donations. More rewards. While raising money for charity, earn discounts at your favorite brands, exclusive experiences, & more!
Bring Samarity to My Non-ProfitBring Samarity to My Company
Rewarding You And The Causes You Love.
We partner with companies to give more when you give back. Each time you do good with one of our nonprofit partners and scan our on-site QR code, you'll drive a donation from our corporate partner and earn rewards at brands like Starbucks, Chipotle, Uber, and more!Learn More
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Aligning Incentives To Create The Most Good.
Samarity is the definition of a win-win-win:
Charities get donations.
Companies drive impact.
You get rewards.
This is the future we want to build.Learn More
Samaritans cleaning up Morningside Park
Amazon logoMorningside Park logo
Samaritans earned $30 gift cards to Amazon for cleaning up Morningside Park.
Samarity partnered with Friends of Morningside Park in Manhattan to recruit individuals to help beautify the park. Everyone who joined earned $30 to Amazon & free apps at a local restaurant!
Starbucks logoDorot logo
Starbucks rewards drove 400 Samaritans to spend time with older adults through DOROT.
DOROT, a non-profit that addresses the challenge of an aging population, used Samarity rewards to incentivize their volunteers to complete a post-event feedback survey with free Starbucks coffee.
Samaritans spending time with older adults through DOROT
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